Recovery Services

At Outer Cape Health Services we believe that all those affected by substance use disorders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Our Recovery Services provide integrated treatment that incorporates the best clinical and medical practices and evidence-based treatment strategies to ensure patients who have a substance use disorder (SUD) diagnosis receive the medication, tools/skills, education, and knowledge needed to achieve positive health, wellness and recovery outcomes. OCHS’ Recovery Services staff use a harm reduction approach that supports multiple pathways of recovery.

Office-Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT)

OBAT is a form of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Our OBAT care involves the use of medications such as Suboxone and Vivitrol to eliminate the drug cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms that typically occur when an opioid-dependent or alcohol dependent individual stops using his or her substance of abuse. OBAT also includes a therapeutic behavioral health component, frequently in the form of group counseling, to help achieve and sustain long-term recovery.

Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP)

SOAP is an intensive outpatient program that offers focused counseling on a wide range of recovery and relapse prevention topics. SOAP patients receive group counseling 3 days a week, as well as weekly individual sessions and ongoing case management. We also incorporate presentations from partner agencies in the community on services such as employment, benefits, housing, education, and legal advocacy. Patients generally engage in the SOAP program for 1-2 months. Graduates of the program report that they are better equipped to meet their recovery goals and are more aware of recovery resources.
SOAP Schedule – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am – 12:30pm

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a 1:1 peer-based service providing assistance to those seeking to support their own recovery from Substance Use Disorders. Recovery coaches are most often in recovery themselves and therefore offer the lived experience of active addiction and successful recovery. They focus on helping individuals to set and achieve goals important to recovery.  By supporting multiple pathways of recovery, Recovery Coaches assist individuals to build recovery capital to help achieve overall wellness.

Recovery Support Groups

All Things Recovery Group: Meets Mondays, 10 am in OCHS Wellfleet Health Center conference room

Recovery Skills Group: Meets Wednesdays at 4 pm in OCHS Wellfleet Health Center conference room

All Things Recovery Group: Meets Fridays at 10 am in the OCHS Harwich Port Health Center conference room

How To Enroll

Patients may be referred to our recovery services by their primary care provider or behavioral health clinician; may self-referral through phone contact; and/or be referred by an outside counselor, treatment facility probation/parole officer of the court, other primary care providers, or community health organizations.

*To self-refer or to refer a patient:


call: 508-905-2892