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Outer Cape Health Services Expands Recovery Services Programs

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New Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP) Open to All

HARWICH PORT, MA – June 22, 2021 – Outer Cape Health Services (OCHS) today announced the addition of a new Structured Outpatient Addiction Program (SOAP) to its Recovery Services offerings. OCHS is licensed to provide SOAP for residents requiring short-term, clinically intensive, structured day services. SOAP patients receive individual and group support to help them understand, develop and enhance recovery skills by establishing and reaching self-identified goals, including achieving and maintaining sobriety; setting educational and employment goals; securing stable housing; and improving health and wellness via multiple pathways of personalized support.

Patients can be referred to SOAP by a primary care provider, behavioral health clinician or other community providers, or may self-refer. The program is fully integrated with OCHS’ behavioral health services, offering a complete continuum of recovery services through outpatient group, individual, and family counseling from qualified OCHS Recovery Services staff and clinicians.

OCHS’ SOAP is the only treatment modality of its kind on the Lower and Outer Cape. The SOAP program currently meets virtually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-12:30pm. Enrolled patients receive group counseling focusing on a wide range of recovery and relapse prevention topics in addition to presentations from community partner agencies. Patients also receive weekly individual sessions, case management, and discharge planning.

Participation in SOAP can range from four to eight weeks depending upon the recovery goals of the individual. SOAP is recommended for patients who do not require a medically managed detoxification, or are continuing treatment after discharge from an inpatient treatment program or are seeking to work on recovery in an intensive outpatient setting.

In addition to SOAP, OCHS offers an Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) program. OBOT care involves the use of medications such as Suboxone and Vivitrol to eliminate the drug cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms that typically occur when an opioid-dependent individual stops using his or her substance of abuse. OBOT also includes a therapeutic behavioral health component, frequently in the form of group counseling, to help achieve and sustain long-term recovery.

OCHS also offers standalone Recovery Coaching or as a complement to SOAP or OBOT. Recovery coaching is a 1:1 peer-based service providing assistance to those seeking to support their own recovery from Substance Use Disorders.  

For more information on OCHS Recovery Services programs, call 508-905-2892 or email