A message from Patricia Nadle, CEO of Outer Cape Health Services

Recent events in Massachusetts and across the nation have underscored for us all the persistent social inequities and racism that remain wholly unsolved in this country. At Outer Cape Health Services, we acknowledge the pain and sadness of these times. We also recognize and honor our employees and patients of color, and their respective families, who bring the richness and diversity of their lives through our doors every week.

Community health centers like ours have long sought to address inequities by the very nature and mission of our founding and existence—to serve ALL in need. We do so by providing a full range of primary healthcare, behavioral health, and supportive social services that promote the health and well-being of ALL those who live in or visit the ten outermost towns of Cape Cod.

As an organization, we are committed to working with everyone, from all walks of life, with respect; however, we also recognize that we can strengthen and re-assert our commitment, especially in these trying times we find ourselves in for health care and civil rights. And while trying, these times can also serve as opportunities to listen and learn, and to be more vigilant and unified as a human race. Each of us can and must call out racial injustice and discrimination when we encounter it, whether personally or professionally, and reassert our commitment to equality.

As champions of change, Outer Cape Health Services is resolved to continue to foster a culture of deep respect for one another with inclusivity and social justice for all.